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Partners and Children

Families and relationships are becoming increasingly complex. Our expert team will guide you through any legal issues you may be experiencing, ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible and helping to protect your interests. 

Helping you to get organised

We will make sure you have all the correct documentation you need to take your first steps and can assist you with the financial side of things too.

Pointing you in the right direction

Many couples seek our advice on how to deal sensibly and fairly with a wide range of situations, for example:

Unmarried couples jointly buying property, including dealing with unequal levels of equity in a joint purchase and taking account of financial help by one partner’s parents.

Cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples and pre-nuptial agreements for those planning to marry.

Using Lasting Powers of Attorney to enable partners to look after each others’ affairs in the event of accident or illness and making or changing wills & trusts to safeguard the needs of a surviving partner and any children.

Nominating guardians to look after your children if both parents die.

Often these issues can be dealt with in a very straightforward manner. We will ensure that any agreements that need to be put in place are valid and correctly reflect your wishes.

Keeping things moving

We will use our experience to make sure that matters progress in a timely manner, yet not so fast as to overlook important issues for all parties concerned.

Explaining each step

Your named and dedicated lawyer will help you along the way by explaining everything that you need to know in straightforward, everyday language.

The bigger picture

Your main focus will, understandably, be on your relationships. Our job is to think about the wider legal and financial implications – for example, do you need to make or revise your will to reflect any decisions and changes you are about to make?