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Severe Traumatic Injury During Birth

If your child suffers a brain injury as a result of negligent medical treatment either whilst in the womb, during labour or delivery or in the period directly after birth,  the impact on the child and on your whole family can be enormous.  Your child’s physical and emotional needs might be complex, demanding involvement from many different disciplines of care and therapy providers and advisers.

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Our team has specialist clinical negligence lawyers who are experienced in representing children in such claims and who can guide you through the process of securing damages for your child which will ensure their needs are provided for throughout their entire life.

If you or your child has suffered a traumatic injury during birth call us today on 01689 887887 to speak to one of our medical negligence solicitors. Or simply submit your details on our brief online claim form and we will contact you shortly.

Read our FAQs, which addresses questions such as “am I eligible to make a personal injury claim”, “how is my injury claim pursued”, “how long will my personal injury claim take” and “how much compensation will I receive from my negligence claim”?