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ACAS Advice

ACAS stands for Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. ACAS aims to improve working life through better employment relations.

  • Judith Curran
      • 01689 887812
      • 07787 228116
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  • Laura Claridge
      • 01689 887873
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  • Paida Dube
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ACAS provides advice on their website on a variety of employment relations subjects. You can download or order booklets, leaflets and handbooks covering a wide range of employment matters.

If you are being disciplined or if you have a grievance at work, we recommend that you read the ACAS Code of Guidance on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. The ACAS Code sets out best practice guidelines for the handling of disciplinary and grievance issues in employment. Employment tribunals must take the ACAS Code into account when deciding most unfair dismissal cases. The tribunal may decide to increase or reduce compensation by up to 25% for any unreasonable failure by an employer or employee to follow the ACAS Code.

An ACAS officer is appointed to every tribunal claim to “conciliate”, which means that they act as an independent go-between to help the parties to reach a settlement and avoid tribunal hearings. The standard form on which an ACAS conciliator records a settlement is called a COT3.

If after utilising ACAS, you require advice or assistance to negotiate your claim, advice on the terms of a COT3, or advice on disciplinary and grievance procedures, we can help you. Please either Judith Curran by email or telephone 01689 887812.