Award Winning CWJ Praised at National Event

CWJ won the prize for Best Community Contribution at the 2015 LawNet awards.

LawNet saw our bigger-picture CSR strategy that is putting us at the heart of our local community, with fundraising and skills-sharing that’s both supporting our community partners and also boosting staff morale internally.

2017/18 LawNet Awards Winner 

Andrew Wright, senior partner commented: “It’s a real boost for everyone at CWJ to receive national recognition in this way, especially after all of the consistent hard work put in by the team to become involved in our community at many levels - from supporting the Westcombe Park RFC character-building mini rugby festivals to creating dementia-friendly workplaces.”

LawNet and Clarkson Wright & Jakes personel
From left to right: Helen Hamilton-Shaw (LawNet), Angie Law (Clarkson Wright & Jakes), Robin Evans (formerly of Clarkson Wright & Jakes), Amanda Mehlin (Clarkson Wright & Jakes), Andrew Allen (Francis Clark), Chris Marston (LawNet)

Chris Marston, chief executive of LawNet, said: “Independent law firms such as CWJ are ideally placed to demonstrate what it means to be innovative in the legal sector. That, combined with a commitment to excellence, is what our awards recognise.”

“Results like this give real purpose to annual awards. Our members want to benchmark themselves against other forward-thinking firms. Our awards allow us to recognise the people behind these exceptional initiatives.”  

He added: “People sometimes assume that innovation starts at the top in the legal sector, amongst the major multi-national players, but our members consistently demonstrate that they can be more nimble, quicker to react and implement, and because of that they generate outstanding performance as a result.”

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