Issues of capacity and/or sudden changes to a will

Mr A’s Father has sadly passed away. Upon taking steps to find the current will, Mr A is shocked to find that his Father made a Will in the last 6 months in which he disinherited his two sons (including Mr A) and left the entirety of his Estate to charity and his next door neighbour in equal shares.

Mr A is concerned about this as he believes that his Father was suffering from dementia at the time the will was made, and/or he is concerned about any influence the next door neighbour had over his Father.

When a Will has been changed suddenly prior to someone’s death it is natural for their immediate family to become concerned. In certain circumstances a will can be challenged on grounds of lack of capacity, or if undue influence has been applied on the person making the Will.

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At CWJ we have experience in making challenges to a Will on the above grounds. If you have any doubts surrounding the circumstances in which a Will entered into by a member of your family, contact us to discuss how you can take the matter further.

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