Clinical Negligence Lawyers Cut Through Difficulties to Change Lives

Some clinical negligence cases are trickier than others but, even where proof is hard to come by, specialist lawyers are more than capable of changing lives by negotiating valuable settlements. The point was made by one case in which a man who was left gravely disabled following spinal surgery won £1 million from the NHS.

The NHS trust that ran the hospital where he underwent the operation accepted that there was a negligent delay in recognising and treating an epidural haematoma – internal bleeding that can lead to spinal cord damage. However, it disputed the extent to which that delay had caused his ongoing disabilities.

Expert legal representation cut through the difficulties posed by the case and a seven-figure settlement was negotiated. In approving the compromise, and wishing the man and his family all the best for the future, the court expressed the hope that the compensation would go a long way to making his life much easier.

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If you or someone in your family has suffered injury while undergoing a medical procedure, we can advise you as to your best course of action.
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