Loss of Earnings Reflects Long-Term Effects of Injury

A man who suffered serious wrist fractures after falling on a slippery floor at work has been awarded more than £900,000 in compensation.

The accident happened as he was unloading boxes whilst the floor was wet. When he fell he sustained multiple fractures, requiring specialist hospital treatment and nearly necessitating the amputation of his hand.

Several operations were required over the next few years as doctors fought to restore an acceptable level of use in his hand. He is faced with having to wear a support and suffering pain in his wrist for the rest of his life.

Because the injuries will prevent him from ever finding work which would provide a similar level of income, the damages negotiated reflect his loss of future earning potential and the cost of obtaining support not available on the NHS.

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When accidents occur in circumstances like this, the settlement can reflect not only the pain and short-term loss of earnings but also the long-term financial effects of the injury.

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