Are you paying Will storage charges?

Some Will writers charge very high will storage fees. It is a very clever marketing trick. At first glance you appear to be buying a Will for a very cheap cost. Then come the added extras, just like buying flight tickets on a budget airline. You can find yourself paying up to £50 a year for the document to be looked after. These are exorbitant charges and over a period of ten years mount up to £500. In twenty years you have paid £2,000 just for the document to sit in someone’s safe! A cheap Will can soon become a very expensive commodity.

Sadly the Will writing business is largely unregulated which results in this type of practice. If you have signed up to such a scheme I would suggest that you seek guidance from a solicitor that the document is valid and covers your personal circumstances.

At Clarkson Wright & Jakes Ltd we charge a fixed fee for the preparation of your Will and the document is stored at no additional cost. We offer a free half hour meeting to find out your requirements. If you wish to proceed you are told of the price at the time. There are no hidden extras like expensive storage charges.  Why not ring us today so that we can put your mind at rest and hopefully save you a lot of future expense. 

We are also able to offer an online Will drafting service as we realise that people lead busy lives and face to face meetings may not always be convenient. We also understand that the internet is a part of our everyday lives and many people prefer to deal with their legal requirements online at a time that suits them and at a reduced cost.

For further information or to begin drafting your own Will straightaway, please visit our Wills section or contact Jeremy Wilson on 01689 887847 or by email at