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The following information has been put together to assist you in preparing for your appointment with one of our notaries in Orpington.  With your help we aim to make sure that we provide you with an efficient service and you have a successful visit. If you have not seen a notary public before, you may like to look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

CWJ has two notaries based at our Orpington office. Due the nature of the technical work they will be doing on your behalf, they need to be seen by appointment. That said, they will do their best to accommodate you at short notice whenever possible.

The main business of a notary is to verify the proper execution of documentation to be used abroad. Notarisation means the act by a notary of certifying a signature or issuing a certificate. When notaries sign and seal documents they are verifying the authenticity of the facts set out in the documents. Notaries have a duty to everyone who may rely on the documents and they have to be satisfied that they have verified all necessary facts or information before dealing with them. It is not sufficient for them simply to witness your signature. For this reason, we ask clients to provide us with instructions and guidance from the lawyer or authorities who require the document and if possible to let us see a copy of the document to be notarised before the visit. We also need clients to bring with them their proof of ID.

Your document may be in a foreign language. The notary must be satisfied that the meaning and effect is clear to you. A notary does not give advice on the meaning or effect of a document or transaction. It is important that you ask for advice and clarification in correspondence you receive with your document and that you bring this with you to your appointment.

A notary is called upon to assist with a wide range of services both for individual and commercial clients. Commonly these may be the notarisation of documents or other notarial acts, such as:

  • Powers of attorney, affidavits, oaths and declarations
  • Documentation relating to the sale, purchase, transfer, or verification of land, property or shares
  • Authentication of a passport or signature
  • Certified copy documents such as passports, company documentation and educational certificates
  • Documentation, marriage certificates and declarations of single status in connection with marriage overseas
  • Preparation of sponsorship forms for people visiting the UK
  • Permission to let one parent travel with children 
  • Witnessing and attesting signature of foreign wills

We can also assist with legalisation by the Apostille service with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and consulates.

How do I arrange to see a Notary?

Are there things you need to ask?  We hope that our Frequently Asked Questions will provide you with answers, but do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help.

The representative body of Clarkson Wright & Jakes Notaries LLP is The Notaries Society. The Regulatory Body is the Faculty Office. All notaries are subject to the Notaries Practice Rules, which may be accessed at