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Latest episode (2) - Managing mental health in the workplace

April is #Stress Awareness Month and our second podcast is on managing mental health matters in the workplace. 

Responsible employers recognise the need to create an environment where mental health issues can be openly discussed and where employees experiencing mental health issues can receive adequate support to help them cope. 

Judith Curran, Partner and Head of Employment at CWJ and Chris Moore, HR Director at CWJ talk through this particularly complex subject, including what steps should an employer take when managing mental health issues and whether mental health affords employees certain rights?


Episode 1 - Transitioning employees back to the workplace In the four-step roadmap released last month, the UK Government confirmed the guidance to work from home will remain up until 21st June 2021 at the earliest. Despite the successful vaccine roll out, returning to the office isn't without its challenges. In the first of CWJ's bite-sized podcasts, Chris Moore, HR Director at CWJ speaks to Judith Curran, Partner and Head of Employment at CWJ on the various issues that employers are considering over the coming months on bringing their employees back to the workplace.