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About Us

How We Work

As a client, you have a partner in overall charge of your affairs – a senior team member who always knows what’s going on and gives you regular progress reports. Certain tasks may be carried out by others, either because of their technical or specialised nature or, in the case of routine jobs, because using a more junior lawyer keeps your costs down.

Given this level of individual attention, the fact that we’re one of the largest firms in the South East has two advantages for our clients: it means that we have the resources to be able to draw upon a vast range of specialist expertise in-house and to invest in the training, processes and systems that allow us to provide our clients with consistently high standards of service.

We have invested heavily in IT, so our clients benefit from all the gains that technology generates in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. We are accredited members of LawNet and the quality assurance standards to which we operate are regularly audited by independent certifying bodies.

Everything we do is governed by a comprehensive Client Charter that sets out our way of working in detail - our commitment to providing clear advice in plain English without legal jargon, for example, or to explain cost implications right from the outset.