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Forstater v CGD Europe and others ET/22200909/2019

In the case of Forstater v CGD Europe and others ET/22200909/2019 , an employment tribunal has upheld a claim of direct discrimination on grounds of belief, where an international researcher’s contract was not renewed because she had expressed...

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When algorithms undermine equality of opportunity

Employers harnessing social media or artificial intelligence to reach new recruits and remove bias from their processes may find themselves inadvertently discriminating against the very people they are trying to reach.  Figures from the Office of...

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Part year workers entitled to full time holiday pay

In a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court in the long running case of The Harpur Trust v Brazel, it has held that a part year worker, such as a term time worker or fixed term contractor is entitled to the same holiday pay as a full time colleague. Ms...

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Employer's guide to implementing the four-day work week

The world’s largest pilot of a four-day work week has launched in the UK. The pilot will last six months, with 70 companies and 3,300 workers participating. The workers taking part will work 80% of their usual hours at 100% productivity while receiving...

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Protecting and passing on your digital memories to your loved ones

In June, the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) launched a new “Protect your Digital Memories” campaign . The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage people to protect their digital memories. STEP is calling for both the...

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Surprising decision relating to single director companies

The recent case of Hashmi v Lorimer-Wing has caused some debate as to how the Model Articles of Association (which most companies incorporated after 1 October 2009 use, although sometimes with modifications) should be interpreted. Articles of Association...

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Directors need to keep a watch on registered addresses

A case arising out of a non-payment of a solicitors’ bill provides a reminder to company directors of the importance of monitoring the address listed at Companies House for the service of documents on them. All directors are required to register their...

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Failure to comply with Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures: uplift in employee compensation

A recent case was a useful reminder to employers of the importance of complying with the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (Acas Code), when dealing with a grievance or prior to dismissing an employee for poor performance or...

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Burke v Turning Point Scotland [2021]

In the Scottish case of Burke v Turning Point Scotland [2021] , an employment tribunal ruled that an employee with long covid symptoms was ‘disabled’ within the meaning of section 6 of the Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010). Mr Burke was employed by...

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How to effectively recover debts

Have you provided goods or services to a customer, invoiced them but received no response? Have they stopped communicating and ultimately ignored your requests for payment to be made? Keeping aged debts to a minimum and ensuring bills are paid is...

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Key things to consider when reviewing your Terms and Conditions

There is never a ‘right time’ to review and update your terms and conditions. Business and customer needs are always changing and the terms and conditions of trade for a business should always be changing to reflect those needs. But what are the...

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Divorcing over 60

Divorce rates have been falling consistently for several years now. However, there is one section of the population bucking the trend, namely the over 60s, sometimes known as the “silver separators”, or "silver splitters". Whilst the...

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Impact of No-Fault divorce

It’s now been nearly two months since the UK’s divorce laws underwent the biggest change since the 1970s with the long -awaited arrival of no-fault divorce. Couples looking to bring their marriage to an end no longer face a choice between...

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Power of Attorney: Making your wishes clear

If you are considering giving Power of Attorney to a loved one, we understand that this may feel overwhelming. There are many considerations, including choosing someone you trust to carry out your wishes and conduct your affairs as you would want. Choosing...

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Getting termination right

A recent case ( Lombard North Central plc v European Skyjets Ltd (in liquidation) [2022] EWHC 728 (QB) ) has brought into focus what parties need to consider when seeking to terminate contracts. Lombard North Central plc (Lombard) provided a secured loan...

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Will I get to keep my bonus following a divorce?

2021 saw enormous bonuses across the banking sector and as a result, 2022 bonuses look set to reduce. Following the end of another financial year, bonuses are on many professional’s minds, with some possibly wondering how a divorce might affect their...

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Round up of 2022 Covid cases so far

  A fear of catching Covid-19 was held by employment tribunal not to be a philosophical belief protected by the Equality Act 2010 The first instance case of X v Y is a helpful decision for employers as it held that a fear of catching Covid-19 does...

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The Why's and What's of a Partnership Agreement

Partnership is defined by the Partnership Act 1890 as “carrying on a business in common with others with a view to making a profit”. There are few formalities needed by law to create a partnership but it is a good idea to do more than the minimum...

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Summer parties

With life is gradually getting back to ‘normal’, we have seen a steady rise in face-to-face networking, staff events and parties, as we try to make up for the past couple of years.  And summer parties and social events are great way of...

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Mental Health Awareness

May highlights awareness on mental health in the UK and this year, the particular focus is on loneliness.  Ill health brought on by loneliness is thought to cost employers £2.5 billion a year through increased sickness absence, lost working days...

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Employee who refused to return to work during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic found not to be automatically unfairly dismissed by Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)

In Rodgers v Leeds Laser Cutting Ltd , Mr Rodgers started employment in June 2019 as a laser operator. The business operated out of a large warehouse space where there were usually only 5 employees on site at any one time. A risk assessment carried out by...

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Bald worker was sexually harassed

In a landmark case before the Employment Tribunal in the case of Mr A Finn v The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd, the Tribunal found that calling a man bald amounted to sexual harassment.  Tony Finn worked as an electrician for The British Bung...

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How can employers assist their employees with the biggest cost of living crisis seen for decades in the UK?

With an increase of 1.25% in National Insurance contributions which came into force in April 2022, coupled with rising inflation, a hike in food, transport and utility costs, it is no wonder that the UK is experiencing the biggest cost of living crisis...

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Consumer Protection Reform

Luis Ngugi , a solicitor in our commercial litigation department, looks at the proposed reforms to consumer protection. On 20 April 2022 the UK Government announced significant reforms to consumer protection laws. The new measures are set to tackle: ...

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Landlord and Tenant NEWSFLASH

Luis Ngugi a solicitor in our commercial litigation department looks at the Renters Reform Bill following the Queen’s Speech. Renters Reform Bill The much-anticipated Renters Reform Bill continues to be a major talking point and a key part...

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