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Court of Appeal finds employer not liable for injury caused by Workplace Prank/Horseplay

In Chell v Tarmac Cement and Lime Ltd [2022] , the Claimant was employed by Roltec Engineering Ltd (Roltec) as a site fitter. He worked at a site that was operated and controlled by Tarmac Cement and Lime Ltd (Tarmac) therefore providing services for the...

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Social Media for Employers

Social media cases in the Employment Tribunal have involved everything from employees posting derogatory comments about their employer, sharing offensive content, cyber bullying and everything in between. Here Laura Claridge from Clarkson Wright & Jakes...

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Alternatives to Redundancy

As part of a ‘fair’ redundancy process, employers are required to consider whether there are any alternatives to redundancy.  Avoiding compulsory redundancies also avoids the loss of talent and the negative effect on morale that redundancies...

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Rainford v Dorset Aquatics Limited

Employment Tribunal’s decision that a Director/Shareholder of a small family business was not a worker or employee pursuant to s.230 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 is upheld upon appeal In Rainford v Dorset Aquatics Limited , the Claimant and...

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Too cold to work?

Following the recent chilly weather, Laura Claridge looks at some common weather and work questions. Is there a minimum working temperature? Government guidance suggests a minimum temperature of 16°C or 13°C if employees are doing physical...

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Mandatory Vaccinations for Health Workers

On 9 November, the Government announced that from April 2022 all NHS staff will be required to provide evidence that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Currently the flu jab is not mandatory but this will be kept under review ahead of next...

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New Year - Fresh Start?

With ongoing COVID restrictions in place, January 2022 is unlikely to be the fresh start many wanted. The month of January historically has been an extremely busy one for family lawyers, with many couples making the decision to part ways shortly after the...

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Temporary change to fit notes and self-certification

In order to provide GPs with more time to work on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) booster programme, for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) purposes, where employees go off sick on or after 10 December 2021 until 26 January 2022, employers can only ask employees for proof...

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Dying With Your Affairs in Disarray is a Poisoned Legacy for Your Loved Ones

Not every life is profitable, at least in financial terms, and it is important to remember that your debts do not die with you. A High Court ruling showed the serious problems that dying insolvent, without putting your affairs in order, can create for your...

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What counts as bullying in the workplace?

Experiencing unfair treatment in the workplace can be distressing and can have an impact on your life both in and out of work. You may be worried about your financial situation if you leave, your performance at work, or suffer from low self-esteem. However,...

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Catastrophically Injured Cyclist Receives Seven-Figure Award

Cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable of road users and, if an accident happens, personal injury lawyers play a vital role in ensuring that just compensation is paid. In one case, a cyclist who was catastrophically injured when a parked motorist opened...

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Young Patient Let Down by Optometrist, High Court Rules

High street opticians do more than issue prescriptions for glasses – they play a crucial role in spotting signs of serious eye conditions and referring sufferers for specialist treatment. The High Court made that point in the case of a teenager who had...

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Don't Expect Your Personal Injury Evidence to Go Unchallenged

Those who claim compensation following an accident must be prepared to have their evidence robustly challenged in court. A case on point concerned a man who was struck on the back by a heavy scaffolding pole at work. The welder and fabricator was bent over...

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Redundancy: your rights

If you are made redundant and have at least two full years’ continuous service with your employer, you will be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. You may also be entitled to an enhanced redundancy payment, so it is worth checking your...

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High Court Apportions Liability for Worker's Construction Site Fall

Construction workers often do not have formal employment contracts and, in a world where contractors and subcontractors proliferate, it can be hard to tell where legal responsibility lies in the event of an accident. That was certainly so in a High Court...

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What Is a 'Couple'? Landmark Adoption Ruling Answers the Question

A 'couple' is defined in law as two people living as partners in an enduring family relationship – but what exactly does that mean in a world that has witnessed a metamorphosis in human relationships during the last few decades? The High Court...

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Diversity Statistics 2021

Here is our most recent equality and diversity data. Diversity Statistics 2021 AGE   16-24 5% 25-34 15% 35-44 37% 45-54 24% 55-64 14% 65+ 5%     GENDER   Female 68% Male 32%     ...

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Power of Attorney & protecting the rights of people with dementia

When a person receives a dementia diagnosis, this doesn’t automatically mean they cannot make important decisions. However, as their symptoms worsen, they may no longer be able to make decisions about their finances, health or care. We refer to this as...

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Employer Q&A on holidays

Following the relaxation of the rules on foreign travel after 17 May 2021 and the introduction of the traffic light regime, we look at some of the issues that may arise at work. Current Government advice, (even after 17 May) is that people should not be...

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Covid-19: Changes to Right to Work checks

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As many workplaces remained closed and in person checks would pose difficulties for many from 17 th May 2021, the Home Office has agreed to put the date back to the 21 st June 2021.   In March 2020, the Government announced that...

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Mental Health: Practical Steps Employers Can Take

Recent Office for National Statistics research found that one in five UK adults had experienced some form of depression in early 2021.  Many will find it hard to adjust back into the workplace, and the toll of the pandemic on mental health is likely to...

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Right to request flexible working

  Flexible working According to the BBC, 43 out of 50 of the UK’s biggest employers do not plan to bring staff back to the office full time after restrictions ease, with hybrid working – part of the week in the office and part of the...

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COVID Related Claim Goes To Employment Tribunal

Rodgers v Leeds Laser Cutting is one of the first pandemic related claims to be heard in the Employment Tribunal.  Mr Rodgers a laser cutter, had less than two years’ service, so lacked the service to bring a claim for ‘ordinary’...

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Off Payroll Working

IR35 came into effect in April 2000 with the aim of stamping out a deemed form of tax avoidance where contractors would seek to avoid paying tax and National Insurance Contributions by supplying their services via an intermediary (usually a personal services...

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Equality & Diversity: Shelf-life for equality and diversity training

The Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of Allay (UK) UK Ltd v Gehlen sends a reminder to all employers to keep their equal opportunities training up to date if they intend to rely on the statutory reasonable steps defence in claims made against them for...

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