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CWJ named 'Solicitor Firm of the Year' for the south at The British Wills and Probate Awards 2023

CWJ’s Wills and Estate Administration team were voted ‘Solicitor Firm of the Year' for the south region at The British Wills and Probate Awards which took place on the 11 th October in Manchester. The ceremony was hosted by journalist and TV...

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Share Purchase vs Asset purchase - what is the difference?

If you are planning to buy a business, you will need to consider the different approaches open to you, namely a share purchase or an asset purchase (‘asset transfer’). There are advantages and disadvantages to both and by properly understanding...

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Who benefits most from a prenup?

If you are planning on marrying, you may be wondering if you need a prenuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup. We answer the following questions: What is a prenup? Will I benefit from a prenup? How can I protect an inheritance? Are...

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Recent changes to the intestacy rules for a surviving spouse or civil partner

As you may be aware, if you pass away without a valid Will, you are deemed to die ‘intestate’ and your estate will be divided and dealt with in accordance with the intestacy rules of entitlement, which are dealt with under the Administration of...

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Moving in together: Do you need a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is a legal document between unmarried couples who are living together or are planning to. It sets out arrangements for finances, property and children.  It can deal with the arrangements whilst you are living together as well as...

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What Happens When a Parent Breaches a Child Arrangement Order?

When a court issues an order, it is legally binding and must be followed by all parties involved. Unfortunately, there are instances where one parent may disregard or breach a court order, causing frustration and potential harm to the child and the other...

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Make a Will after 5pm

Some of our clients tell us that they find it difficult to make appointments before 5pm due to work commitments or child care. From Thursday 6th July, we will be offering late appointment times for our clients who wish to speak to a lawyer about making...

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10 Years Since Same-Sex Marriage Became Law

It has now been 10 years since Parliament passed the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. The first same sex marriage took place in 2014. The Act allows same sex couples to marry in civil and religious ceremonies.  It also allows civil partners (those...

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Promotions at Clarkson Wright and Jakes

Clarkson Wright & Jakes is delighted to announce that it has promoted Laura Claridge to partner and David Morrison to senior lawyer as of 1 May 2023.  Laura Claridge joined CWJ in October 2015 and was promoted to Head of Employment in January...

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Summer Holidays: A guide for separated parents wishing to travel abroad

A guide for separated parents wishing to travel abroad As a separated parent there are things to consider before committing to a holiday. The legal position will depend on who has parental responsibility and whether there is a court order. Where there is...

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Capital Gains Tax on Separation Update 2023

Sandy Hills, solicitor in the family team at CWJ, considers the incoming Spring Finance Bill 2023 that should bring with it a welcome change to CGT rules for separating couples. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is not charged on an asset transfer between spouses...

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Important Changes to Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules

The Legal Ombudsman, an independent body which investigates complaints from consumers about their legal service providers in England and Wales is amending the Scheme Rules which will apply from 1 April 2023. One of the key changes has reduced the timescale...

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McAllister v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2022]

In  McAllister v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2022] , the dismissal of the Claimant, who was a disabled employee on long-term sickness absence, was not discriminatory Mr McAllister (M) worked for HMRC from May 2011. He suffered from anxiety and...

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The Government's response to the Women and Equalities Committee's report 'Menopause and the Workplace'

The Government has published its response to the Women and Equalities Committee’s report ‘Menopause and the Workplace’ The Committee had made the following recommendations to the Government: To appoint a ‘menopause employment...

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Statutory Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement

The Government has commenced a consultation on its long-awaited statutory Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement (the Code). The draft Code sets out detailed steps employers should take when seeking to make changes to any contractual terms and...

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Do I Need a Solicitor for My Divorce?

Since April 2022 the law in relation to obtaining a divorce in England and Wales has changed.  This is the first change in 50 years.  We now have the “no fault divorce” which simplifies the process.  The application is made online...

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Marital Status Discrimination

Marital status discrimination is one of the lesser-known characteristics protected from unlawful discrimination; therefore, a person who is married or in a civil partnership is protected against unlawful discrimination based on their legal partnership...

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Employee was not automatically unfairly dismissed under section 100 ERA

Readers may recall the case of Rodgers v Leeds Laser Cutting Ltd [2022], where the Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld a tribunal decision that an employee was not automatically unfairly dismissed when he was dismissed for leaving work and refusing to return...

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Employee suspensions

Acas has published guidance to help employers who are considering suspending an employee during a disciplinary investigation. An employer should only suspend someone if it's appropriate, for example to carry out an investigation, if it's a...

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Case Study: Site closure

Our employment team was recently instructed to assist a manufacturing business with the closure of one of their factories affecting some 90 employees.  Staff were offered the opportunity to transfer to another of the business’ sites, or...

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Did you know about our popular Employment Retainer Service?

This is a cost-effective way of having our employment law team at the end of the phone for prompt and up to date legal advice on employment and HR problems, as they arise.   We will listen and get to know you and your business, to enable us to...

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Working Parent Rights

As a working parent, juggling childcare, back to school, and work can be difficult, and employees may be concerned about managing these commitments. As an employer, it is important to understand working parents’ rights.  For example, what happens...

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What are Grandparents Rights?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren often being someone a child can talk to in confidence.  They can provide a practical and emotional resource for the child and their parent.  If the child’s parents...

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At this time of year, we award members of CWJ for their long service to the firm. Take a look at who we’re congratulating and how long they’ve each been with the firm. Thank you to the following people for their loyalty and dedication. ...

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Improve your property's energy efficiency

While there has been much in the news concerning escalating energy bills for consumers there has also been a big impact for businesses. “Candle-lit atmosphere” is becoming a slogan to attract consumers to dine out during the cost-of-living crisis...

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