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Behind every successful and innovative business is a strong foundation of legal strategy, contracts, policies and procedures. Having expert knowledge on your side can help you take advantage of a whole host of commercial opportunities while minimising risk and freeing up your time to work on your business.

The CWJ commercial department is dedicated to the provision of tailored commercial advice and support.

Our commercial law solicitors can offer legal assistance in a wide range of commercial dealings. We have a wealth of experience in drafting legally binding documents and advising clients throughout commercial transactions and arrangements.

The department is headed by Ben Madden who has considerable knowledge of a variety of commercial sectors.

The types of agreements or documents that the CWJ commercial team prepares and advises upon include:

  • Terms and conditions and agreements for the supply of goods and services
  • Agency agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Procurement and outsourcing
  • Service level agreements
  • Introducer agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Deeds of adherence
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Limited liability partnership agreements
  • Deeds of retirement
  • GDPR advice

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Our commercial lawyers’ expertise

Terms and conditions and agreements for the supply of goods and services

Our commercial law solicitors can offer specialist advice about drafting and reviewing standard terms and conditions of business and agreements for the supply of goods and services. We will promote your business interests and ensure the enforceability of your legal rights, for example, by working in clear terms about payment, pricing, descriptions of the goods or services provided, credit periods, interest, data protection, and dispute resolution strategies.

Agency and distribution agreements

We can provide practical advice about instructing agencies and/or distributors to market, sell or distribute your products. We will take the time to get to know your business, the markets within which it operates, and provide bespoke advice on entering into an agency or distribution agreement to achieve your commercial goals, whether that be expansion into a new market or simply freeing up your time to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it.

Manufacturing agreements

Contracting your product manufacturing out to a third party can help you save costs while allowing you more time to develop new products or sell your existing ranges. Our commercial solicitors can help you put in place the contracts you need to fulfil your business goals while ensuring full legal protection.

Franchising agreements

Putting a high-quality franchise agreement in place is essential to set out the terms of the franchisor and franchisee’s relationship, protect both parties and maximise positive returns. Our franchise agreement solicitors advise both franchisors and franchisees on entering into these types of contract and resolving any potential problems or challenges that arise along the way.

Joint venture agreements

We can offer expert advice about entering into a joint venture agreement to embark on your next business venture, ensuring that the agreement is carefully tailored to meet your business needs while protecting your financial and commercial interests.

Procurement and outsourcing

Outsourcing and procurement can be valuable tools for your business, helping you save costs and drive productivity. Our commercial lawyers can assist with a wide range of procurement and outsourcing arrangements, providing specialist advice on all associated legal matters, including contract negotiation, risk management, intellectual property and ongoing strategy development.

Service level agreements

SLAs are vital for defining your relationship with other businesses and individuals and exactly what is expected of all the parties. We can provide a bespoke service legal agreement service, including drafting and reviewing SLAs and advising on the enforceability of its terms.

Introducer agreements

We can provide clear, practical advice on a wide range of introducer agreements, helping your business access new clients, customers or markets while protecting your financial and commercial interests.

Non-disclosure agreements

Our team can provide all the advice you need about protecting your business interests, such as your intellectual property or details of sensitive transactions, and providing avenues of redress. We have a wide range of experience drafting and negotiating non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with employees, agents, service providers and anyone else with access to intellectual property.

Deeds of adherence

A deed of adherence is essential when a new shareholder or partner joins the business. It ensures their compliance with your existing shareholder agreements or partnership agreement, contractually binding them to your interests. We can help businesses negotiate clear deeds of adherence as well as providing advice about the formalities and practicalities of adding new members to the business.

Consultancy agreements

Our commercial law solicitors can provide all the advice and support you need to introduce consultants to your business, putting in place an agreement that suitability reflects and endorses the realities of your relationship. We will ensure all your commercial interests are protected, for example, by clearly outlining the contractor’s employment status, setting out termination clauses, and providing a process of substituting or replacing the consultant.

Partnership agreements

Without a partnership agreement in place, the nature of your partnership will be governed by statute and will therefore be out of your control. We can negotiate and draft strong a partnership agreement on your behalf, clearly defining the relationship between partners within the true commercial context of your business.

Limited liability partnership agreements

We can provide specialist advice about entering into an LLP agreement to set out the contractual relationship between your business’s limited liability partners, ensuring that the terms on which you conduct business are fair and protect the individual investments of each member.

Deeds of retirement

Our commercial team can deliver skilled advice about facilitating the retirement of a partner, limited liability partner, or trustee through a deed of retirement.

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