What Our Clients Say About Us

"I very much value the range of services, the interaction of CWJ staff and their ability to communicate my business needs between themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending CWJ to others."

“They always seem to know what they’re about – they are a helpful bunch of people who don’t use jargon, to whom you can talk in ordinary language.”

“If you’re trying to build a strong business and management team you need good advisers – you need the strength and expertise of a forward-thinking firm –that’s why my business uses CWJ.”

“They’re a forward-thinking firm – you see new people coming in and fresh ideas, being applied – as a client, I want a firm that is going to grow with my business, which is why I use them.”

“Dynamic, enthusiastic, young and not stuffy.”

“They show real enthusiasm and care for their clients – it’s not just pounds, shillings and pence, they really want your business to succeed.”

“They give clear, direct advice. When you have a dispute you feel you’re morally in the right, but they make sure you don’t waste lots of money trying to get a result that isn’t legally achievable – they’re very good at a damage limitation.”

“I can always get hold of them. If the person isn’t there they always call back before the end of the day – that’s one of their policies.”

“We had been using a firm in London but became disillusioned – our accountants recommended CWJ and they have been excellent. They are efficient, on-the-ball, get things done in the right time-frame and don’t let things drift.”

“Thank you again for your help and advice through the process, it was concluded efficiently and professionally.”