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What our clients say about us

"Everyone at CWJ is polite and friendly yet real and natural. Whilst our cases were of a serious nature when visiting CWJ there was always lighthearted small talk which is so important when putting people at ease during difficult times....I feel CWJ operate with good old fashioned values that are so lacking in today's world, coupled with the very best legal advice around."

"I very much value the range of services, the interaction of CWJ staff and their ability to communicate my business needs between themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending CWJ to others."

“They always seem to know what they’re about – they are a helpful bunch of people who don’t use jargon, to whom you can talk in ordinary language.”

“If you’re trying to build a strong business and management team you need good advisers – you need the strength and expertise of a forward-thinking firm –that’s why my business uses CWJ.”

“They’re a forward-thinking firm – you see new people coming in and fresh ideas, being applied – as a client, I want a firm that is going to grow with my business, which is why I use them.”

“Dynamic, enthusiastic, young and not stuffy.”

“They show real enthusiasm and care for their clients – it’s not just pounds, shillings and pence, they really want your business to succeed.”

“They give clear, direct advice. When you have a dispute you feel you’re morally in the right, but they make sure you don’t waste lots of money trying to get a result that isn’t legally achievable – they’re very good at a damage limitation.”

“I can always get hold of them. If the person isn’t there they always call back before the end of the day – that’s one of their policies.”

“We had been using a firm in London but became disillusioned – our accountants recommended CWJ and they have been excellent. They are efficient, on-the-ball, get things done in the right time-frame and don’t let things drift.”

“Thank you again for your help and advice through the process, it was concluded efficiently and professionally.”

"Undertaking an MBO from a major international corporate was a daunting prospect. Our team at CWJ led by David Morrision were just brilliant, professionally guiding us through the whole transaction, ensuring we avoided all the pitfalls. A very successful purchase which has set us perfectly for the future. Thank You"

"We think that you [Alis] and Andrew were very professional and helpful. Furthermore we greatly appreciate that you personally went the extra mile in how you liaised with the Spanish firm and helped to sort out a problem when time was short."