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About Us

Why Us?

When you are facing any issue with legal implications, you want to be absolutely certain you are getting the right help and advice. This applies whether you are:

  • selling a property
  • making a will
  • sorting out family problems
  • making a claim as a private individual
  • dealing with corporate, commercial and employment issues as a business.

In all cases, having the right lawyers on your side can make all the difference to the outcomes. Ideally, those lawyers should be:

  • people who take the trouble to understand your particular circumstances rather than reaching for an off-the-shelf solution
  • people whose sound judgement is rooted in a thorough knowledge of modern law, and backed by specialist experience in the field concerned
  • expert professionals whose enthusiasm is matched by the transparency of their working practices and the value for money they can be trusted to deliver.

Ranked in Chambers & Partners

We have 4 partners ranked in the leading global directory, Chambers & Partners. Click here to see what the Chambers directory has to say about our lawyers.

For more and more businesses and individuals in the South East and throughout Kent, these criteria point to CWJ. To find out what our clients say about us please visit

If, after exploring our site, you feel that we could also be the right legal partners for you, the next step is simple: just call 01689 887887 to discuss how we can help.