The Kentish Killer - A Triathlete's View

Alex Wormald, a keen triathlete and one of CWJ's personal injury and medical negligence partners has taken part in the Kentish Killer, which is sponsored by CWJ, for the last three years.


Prior to the Kentish Killer, and as a Northerner, the images in my mind of the Kentish countryside were of gentle rolling to flat countryside full of hop fields and orchards. I obviously watched too many episodes of Darling Buds of May when younger. Anyway, how wrong could I be! The Kentish Killer takes you up and down the North Downs and the Weald of Kent. If I had decided to look up the etymology of the word “Downs” then I would have realised that this derives from “dun” which is old English for “hill”. The problem is that these hills are not any old hill, they are extremely steep and due to the sadistic nature of the organisers of this event they take you up and down these “hills” on numerous occasions.

The course itself starts off at Brands Hatch and is a fairly tame and easy ride for about the first 5 – 10 miles. I was lulled in to a false sense of security and was powering along thinking this was going to be a breeze. However you then come across the first major climb. I’m useless on gradients, all I can say is that it was $£&* steep. In fact so steep that I was in my lowest gear, out of my seat and pushing for all my life just to turn my pedals. At points even my back tyre was skidding on the tarmac. And the hill just seemed to go on and on.

These types of hills are then repeated time and again. If you are trying to look at the challenge from a positive angle then you can say that what goes up must come down; but the climbs are so tough that it seems to take all the advantage of any downhill away!

After what seems like an age, this after travelling out to around Hever Castle, you eventually make your way back to Brands Hatch where hot drinks and warm food are dished out to you. I have to say it was a tough but great ride and the organisation and marshalling was excellent making the ride that much more enjoyable.



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I should point out that I did the short route, which is around 44 miles. There is a longer course of 70 plus miles for masochists!

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