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Divorce Day - Myth or Reality?

The first working day or the first Monday of the new year has long been known as Divorce Day, a term coined by the media to reflect the surge in enquiries divorce lawyers tend to see in January.

It is true that new enquiries do increase in January. The stresses of Christmas cause some people to reach the end of their tether.  Increased spending and financial pressures, increased alcohol consumption and having to spend more time with family all cause tension. However, the additional pressures of Christmas can exacerbate problems that are already there and many people may have been thinking about a divorce for some considerable time but put on a good front on the run up to Christmas for the children’s sake. Some January enquiries amount to nothing once normality is restored, and everyone is back at work/school.  For others the new year is a time for the new start that they have been considering for a long time.

No fault divorce was introduced in April 2022, and this has made it much easier to obtain a divorce without the need for a solicitor. However, if you are contemplating starting divorce proceedings this new year remember it will always be sensible to speak to a solicitor to guide you in relation to what is fair in relation to children and finances.

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