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Joining a Primary Care Network (PCN)

The NHS Long Term Care Plan will involve GP practices working in closer collaboration and on a larger scale in order to benefit from the proposed injection of new money. Every practice wishing to receive additional funding will be required to join a PCN by July 2019 with the network being the conduit for funding the practices to develop their staff and improve and expand on services.

Practices working in closer collaboration will need to think about formal arrangements and an application to the CCG to become a network must be made by 15th May 2019.

How do GPs in Kent form a PCN?

In conjunction with the Kent Local Medical Committee, Clarkson Wright & Jakes are offering practices in Kent a package to assist them with their PCN Agreements.

To join a network, practices are required to have a formal arrangement, similar to a federation agreement, a super-partnership type agreement (overarching the network partnership members) or an alliance under a limited company umbrella.    As this is a legal binding document Clarkson Wright & Jakes can help you with this.

For further information and assistance with your PCN Agreement, please contact Judith Curran or David Morrison on 01689 887887 or email: or