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How will I pay for my advice?

We can’t advise you on your case until we take you on officially as a client, however we will be able to tell you during this first telephone call whether you would benefit from meeting with us in person to obtain legal advice.

Our Hourly Charging Rates

Our fees are calculated mainly by reference to the amount of time spent on your matter. Our hourly rates range from £230 to £325 plus VAT per hour depending on solicitor dealing with your case

We will provide you with fee estimates at the outset and throughout the duration of your case. For ongoing advice, to help you keep a handle on your costs, we will usually send you an interim bill at the end of every month and you are expected to pay these in full without delay.

We may ask you for payments on account of costs at the outset of the case and as the matter progresses, particularly if we are required to instruct a barrister, or medical expert on your behalf.

We understand that paying legal fees when you have lost your job can be very difficult. At our initial meeting, we can discuss your options with you.

For instance, for a tribunal claim, you could instruct us on a limited basis to give you advice only as and when you need it - perhaps for drafting your Claim Form for the tribunal, drafting witness statements, or producing the tribunal bundle. If you decide to represent yourself as a litigant-in-person at the tribunal hearing, we can provide you with thorough guidance on what to expect and how to conduct the hearing, to give you the best possible chance of winning your claim. We will be just a phone call away if you need telephone advice on the day of the hearing itself.

Settlement agreements

We charge a minimum fee of £350 plus VAT for advising on Settlement Agreements. This will cover the time spent in a meeting for up to one hour where we will give you independent legal advice on the terms of the agreement, advise you briefly on the potential claims you may have and deal with the formalities associated with signing the agreement. This fee (or at least part of it) will often be paid by the employer as part of the deal.

If you ask us to get involved in negotiating an improved compensation package, or different wording for the agreement, or to provide detailed advice on the prospects of success of your potential claims and likely compensation, our charges will exceed the minimum fee. We can provide a quote at the outset.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Check your household, credit card, private healthcare and personal accident insurance policies. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have insurance which will cover the cost of you bringing a tribunal claim. You have the right to choose your own solicitor even though your insurer may try to insist on a solicitor from their own panel. For no extra fee, we would be happy to look at your insurance policies to find out whether you are covered and to determine the extent of that cover

Fixed Fee interviews and advice

Depending on the circumstances of your case and the amount of paperwork that we need to look at, we may be able to offer you an initial fixed fee interview to discuss your case and to advise you on the merits of your case and likely costs going forward. This will cover the cost of a one hour consultation, consideration of your documents and a letter confirming our advice. If this might be of interest to you, please contact Laura Claridge by email or telephone 01689 887873, who will arrange for you to speak to a member of the team for a free quote.

Legal Aid

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Legal Aid for employment matters. If you need a solicitor who does have a Legal Aid franchise for employment matters, you could try the Community Legal Advice website ( or contact the Law Society (

“No Win, No Fee” arrangements

We may offer "No win, No fee" funding on a case by case basis. 

Union members

If you have been a Union member for a sufficient period of time, your Union may fund your case. You should contact your Union representative for further advice.