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Court of Protection Disputes

Facing up to the failing health of a loved one can be distressing and stressful. Family tensions at these difficult times can boil over into serious and costly disputes, which tend only to add to the difficulties. This is where an experienced and sympathetic specialist in resolving disputes of this kind can really help.

We have experienced specialists on hand to help you find your way through conflict and to achieve an outcome which is focussed on the best interests of the vulnerable person at the centre of the dispute.

We can advise you how to approach applications to the Court of Protection so that the chances of a dispute arising are minimised, help you to file objections or respond to objections filed by other interested parties, and represent you at Court hearings or settlement meetings relating to:

  • Disputed applications to register a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Disputed applications for the appointment of a Deputy
  • Disputed applications for authority to make a Statutory Gift or Statutory Will.

We can also advise you on whether to participate in or defend yourself against an application seeking removal of and/or sanctions against a registered Attorney or Deputy.

Unless a ruling is made that one or other party to a Court of Protection dispute over the property and affairs of a vulnerable person has acted unreasonably in bringing or defending an application, it is usual for the Court to allow the parties to recover their legal costs from the funds of the vulnerable person concerned, after the amount has been assessed by the Court. We can help with the process of Court assessment of legal costs and/or negotiations between the parties.

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