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Boardroom/ Shareholder Disputes

Unfortunately, business relationships do not always work out as hoped and events can very often lead to a complete breakdown of the business relationship.  Shareholders may be aggrieved for many reasons. They may, for example, have concerns about the way in which the company is being managed and feel that they are being prejudiced.

In many family owned/owner managed businesses, a deadlock situation is not uncommon and without a clear shareholders agreement, disputes are all too common.

These types of disputes can have devastating effects on the business and if left unresolved could ultimately result in the company being wound up by the court. These disputes need to be resolved quickly and effectively.  

CWJ’s commercial disputes team has extensive experience in assisting clients to resolve many types of disputes including

  • Breaches of shareholders agreements
  • Enforcing share sale provisions under a shareholders agreement
  • Unfair prejudice claims under Section 994 of the Companies Act 2006
  • Just and equitable winding up
  • Directors duties and alleged breaches
  • Derivative claims
  • Enforcing restrictive covenants (for example confidentiality provisions)

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