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Employment Disputes/ Enforcing Restrictive Covenants

As an employer, the inclusion and extent of restrictive covenants is an important consideration for employment contracts and business sale agreements, particularly for senior employees or those who have intimate knowledge of a business in terms of confidential business information and sales.

Employees may have knowledge of technology and strategic information about your business or customer contacts which is of significant value to you but which left unchecked, they may try to use for the benefit of a new employer or competing business.

A well drawn restrictive covenant, tailored to the individual concerned will be valid and enforceable and is a most valuable asset for any business which has any trade secrets, confidential information and customers that it wishes to protect.

If you are faced with an ex-employee setting up business in competition with you or poaching clients or staff or using information that belongs to you, we can help.

It is essential you work with a specialist legal team, who can react quickly and give clear, tactical advice. We will work hard to resolve your dispute as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.  Our lawyers use their knowledge and litigation skills to resolve disputes quickly. We are adept at negotiation but will not hesitate to use court action if required.

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