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Copyright Infringement Solicitors

Copyright protects a wide range of works including text, images, sound recordings, computer programs and media compilations. Copyright grants to the owner of the copyright the exclusive right to reproduce, to issue copies to the public, to perform, to broadcast and to make adaptations of the copyright works.

Disputes often arise when others use the copyright works without a licence from the owner of the copyright works, or because a party incorrectly believes that they are the owner of the copyright works. Whilst generally the copyright in the work is owned by the person who creates the work, there are some modifications to the rule and care needs to be taken to ensure that the correct party owns the copyright.

Copyright and related rights are some of the most complex intellectual property rights and we can give you advice on infringement or potential infringement issues. We use our commercial and legal expertise to achieve a cost effective and speedy solution. However, if litigation cannot be avoided, then we are able to conduct High Court litigation for damages, account of profits, injunction to restrain the infringement and delivery up of infringing copies.

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